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Not to date myself, but…mid summer 1980, I headed to the Poconos for my first sleepaway camp venture. I went with the kids from my day camp from first session, so it made my transition a little easier. That was the “starter” camp because my mom always knew she was planning to send me to another camp, where she was friends with the owners, a traditional brother sister camp, also in the Poconos, for 7 weeks. Three years later, I got the acting bug, so off to an Elective Performing Arts camp I went. But the following year, I REALLY wanted to go away with my best friend from home and we found a new camp, COED, in the Catskills. I spent four years with those camp friends – three at camp and we snuck a teen tour in there circa 1987 before becoming counselors in 1988. (Home to where I met the love of my life!) And although, I had some different experiences, nothing ever beat all of those awesome summers. I always lived 10 for 2.

So it was like hitting the jackpot, 10 years ago, when a friend who worked for Arlene Streisand – somehow related to Babs – owner of Camp Specialists, asked me to host a party. This is an informational gathering about the camp landscape, with food and wine in backdrop. I subsequently joined the team as an Independent Camp Specialist. This coincided with the search for the summer home for my two daughters who are away at camp for their 9th and 7th year. Camp has always been in my blood and my mottled past brings a unique experience to the table. I have first hand knowledge of many different camp genres and I have even mastered the dreaded “Do I go to camp with my friend from home?” She’s still my BFF to this day!

Of course I don’t get to actually attend camp anymore, but I love visiting and learning the different approaches the camp owners take. (And getting free canteen!) But most of all I love finding that right fit for a family and hearing how happy they are at the end of the summer. With the suport of Camp Specialists, I have achieved this for hundreds of children over the years.

If you are interested please reach out to me at or 914-591-0177. I would love to help your little camper find their own home away from home.

Lauren Kaufman
Westchester County ICS

Lauren Kaufman
Camp Specialists
914 591 0177

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