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College Enrichment Summer Programs

A college enrichment summer program can further student education and personal growth. It can allow them to develop self-reliance– so they can face the world of work or study with confidence and commitment.

Enrichment programs can help teens prepare for college level courses. Some programs are residential so you will have the opportunity to stay in a college dorm with other students and experience campus life.

Let Camp Specialists help you find a great college enrichment program suited to your son or daughter. The right college enrichment summer program will benefit your son or daughter in the following ways:

  • Raise academic skills, test scores, grades, self-confidence and student motivation
  • Provide peer support that reinforces efforts, achievements and positive attitudes
  • Improve communication, listening and peer relationship skills
  • Uncover and teaches to individual learning styles
  • Encourage goal setting and taking responsibility for one’s actions
  • Enhance the capability for problem-solving and creative thinking
  • Ensure a challenging, safe program that is intellectual, physical, creative and fun

When it comes to college enrichment, our summer enrichment programs for middle school, high school and college students help to improve the quality of life for your teens academically, and in life outside of school.

Start your search for the perfect college enrichment summer program and contact Arlene Streisand’s Camp Specialists today. Call us at 1-800-443-6428 or fill out our summer camp inquiry form. There is no obligation and all summer camp referrals are FREE!