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Maine Summer and Sleep Away Camps

Camp Specialists provides free referrals for the best Maine summer camp options, with opportunities for boys or girls looking for a wide range of programs.

Whether your child likes to be behind a computer or get their sneakers in the mud, Maine camps have something for everyone!

We offer the best choices for boys and girls, teenagers and younger children to explore every creative angle they can possibly find. They will be safe and comfortable and given an opportunity to take part in all kinds of outdoor activities in an enriching setting and warm atmosphere.

Got an outdoorsy camper who enjoys nature, mountains, rocks, campfires and pine settings in the outdoors? We have referral options to camps where the environment, canoe trips, outdoor cooking and other fun things to do are offered, giving your child or children genuine wilderness experience and skills.

Kids can enjoy outdoor hiking, horseback riding, nature trails, star gazing adventures and sports and athletics while creating lasting memories in beautiful national park settings of Maine’s beautiful Augusta, the north coast, Bar Harbor and more.

Contact Our Specialist To Find The Right Referral For Your Son or Daughter

Regardless of which type of Maine summer camp you select, you can rest assured your child will have a safe summer of adventure, fun and discovery. Camp Specialists can help you sort through the various programs being offered including activities for boys, girls, teenagers and younger kids of all ages and with varying abilities, interests and needs.

Our free referral service to Maine summer camp programs includes camps offering:

  • Adventure Summer Camps
  • Sleep Away Summer Camps
  • Jewish Summer Camps
  • Christian Summer Camps
  • Girls Summer Camps
  • Boys Summer Camps
  • Horseback riding Summer Camps
  • Theater Summer Camps
  • Dance Summer Camps
  • Sports Summer Camps
  • Basketball Summer Camps
  • Tennis Summer Camps
  • Special needs Summer Camps
  • Golf Summer Camps
  • Soccer Summer Camps
  • Cheerleading Summer Camps
  • Drama Summer Camps
  • Music Summer Camps
  • Weight loss Summer Camps
  • and many more…

Start your search for the perfect Maine summer camp and contact Arlene Streisand’s Camp Specialists today. Call us at 1-800-443-6428 or fill out our summer camp inquiry form. There is no obligation and all summer camp referrals are FREE!

Let Camp Specialists help you research the best Maine summer camps and programs that are affordable and ready to offer your camper an unforgettable and rewarding experience. is a Camp Referral Service company. Our main offerings include: Boys Summer Camp programs, Girls Summer Camp programs, Coed Summer Camp Programs, Teen Summer Camps and Camps for Special Needs Children.

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