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Narrowing Your Camp Search & Scheduling Visits

Shortly after contacting Camp Specialists, the camp information started coming … and coming! Now it’s April and you’re wondering, what’s next? It will soon be time to schedule summer tours to see the camps in action, a step we highly recommend. But you may be wondering how to narrow down your camp search, as you won’t have time to see them all.

While it’s easy to get excited by a lively DVD, you should get back to basics and remember which criteria you originally wanted in a camp and why. Make a list and see which camps fit your parameters by considering the following:

  • Activity Options: Since camps structure their days differently, determine if campers pick their own activities or travel as a group … and decide which option is right for your child. Or if your child has a particular interest, such as horseback riding, see which camps offer the best program and eliminate others.

  • Budget: Which camps fall into your budget parameters? Make sure to calculate any “hidden” expenses, (such as canteen or trip fees,) so you’re truly comparing apples to apples.

  • Geography: Do you want a camp that’s a short car ride away? Or would you prefer to be further away to escape the local crowd and enjoy pristine surroundings? Location, location!

  • Co-ed or Single Sex Camp: This decision, right here, can help you rule out several options. Don’t forget to consider younger siblings, who may eventually end up at camp.

Call early to schedule tours, as weekends, especially, fill up early. Carefully calculate the distance between camps, taking into account that you may be traveling on slow, country roads. And keep in mind that tours can last two hours or more, so limit your schedule to two camps a day.

Happy Planning! If you have any questions on scheduling  camp tours, please give us a call.

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