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My name is Jessica Borstein and I’ve been with Camp Specialists for about 9 months. I currently live in the West Village NYC with my husband and 3 children and while I’m a loving wife and mother I am also a true camp lover! Continue reading

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Introducing . . . A Camp Baby!

As time went on we lost touch . . . just one of those things! My brother Marc at the time was single and being the matchmaker that I am, I thought about Lauren. Even though it had been 10 years, I re-connected with her through Facebook and I connected Lauren and Marc. Continue reading

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To Attend with a Friend – or Not…

Is going to camp with a friend the right choice for your child? Some kids insist on trekking off to camp with a best buddy. Others would never hear of it. So, is there a right? Is there a wrong? … Continue reading

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