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Teen Summer Camp Programs

Summer Adventures Camps for Teenagers

Camp Specialists have your options completely covered with teen sleep away camp adventures for every interest and program choices to fit a wide range of girls and boys for the time of their lives.

Teen adventure camp can put an unexpected thrill into your teen’s summer, by offering age-appropriate adventure and fun–all in a safe, fun environment.

While many teenagers spend their summer sitting at home complaining of boredom, your child will be out there experiencing exciting new things, learning new skills, and making memories to last a lifetime.

Adventures In Summer Camp

Teen adventure camps are becoming increasingly popular. Your teenager will make memories while learning new activities, such as rock climbing, hiking or kayaking in the beautiful summer weather. Experienced camp counselors are always on hand to supervise every activity to ensure their safety.

Teen camps are also a way for teenagers to explore fields they might be interested in studying in college, such as science, music, performing arts, computers or marine biology, etc.

Get Active at One of our Recommended Adventure Summer Programs

Elective camps are more common as the children get older because they can plan their own schedule and pick the activities of their choice. Camp Specialists will help you determine which are best suited for your teenager’s needs. There are many local and international teen adventure programs to choose from and Camp Specialists has inside knowledge on which ones are the best.

We offer a free referral program with tours for the adventurous and outdoor camper looking for a wilderness theme, or for those who are more creative and want to stay busy doing other thrilling things that appeal to their nature.

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