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Teen Summer Camp Programs

Summer Camps For Teens/Teen Tours

As your children grow into teenagers, there is no reason to leave the fun of summer camp behind. Teen summer camps are just as thrilling as the camps kids had fun at as young children, but with a little more autonomy and independence. There is more time for informal socializing and more activities geared towards teens and their unique needs.

Camp Specialists will work with you and your teen to create the most exciting camp experience possible.

Teen Travel Summer Camps

Many camps offer teen tours, which take your teenager on a breathtaking exploration of historical sites and national parks, not to mention fun water parks, movies, sporting events and much more.

Teen tours are an educational way to to open your children’s eyes to the vast world around them. There are US teen tours, and tours that explore other countries and continents. US tours hit historical sites, national parks and fun attractions. International teen tours combine site seeing, education and fun to make for an unforgettable summer experience.

Your sporty teen can join a tennis or golf teen tour. A favorite sport can be enjoyed in a country your teen has never visited before. Teens can travel through the world playing in tennis and golf tournaments, while making friends that will last a lifetime.

Rugged teen tours enable your teen to do a full-summer teen tour, he or she can split the summer between a teen tour and a partial summer camp session. Your choices are unlimited.

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