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Weight Loss Summer Camps

When it comes to your children, health, happiness and social well being are what matter most. Weight loss and fitness summer sleep away camps can offer a fantastic combination of fun, friends and fitness.

Weight loss summer sleep away camps offer your son or daughter safe, effective weight loss programs in combination with traditional camp activities like swimming, arts and crafts, boating, horseback riding, performing arts and more.

When your child has finished a summer or a few weeks at a weight loss or fitness camp, he or she will be healthy and happy and will return home with good nutritional habits and a wonderful outlook towards life.

Educated Counselors Who Care

Weight loss and/or fitness summer sleep away camps provide experienced weight loss counselors, therapists, dieticians and nutritionists to oversee all meals and activities.

These counselors will help support and guide your child in the right direction, so that when your son or daughter returns home, they will continue to make healthy choices.

Building A Healthy Foundation

Your child will arrive home from summer camp ready with weight loss tips, fitness goals and low-calorie menu options. The key to your child’s success at a weight loss summer camp will be to continue the regimented diet and exercise program at home.

Your child will eat healthy well balanced meals and will take part in an active daily schedule all geared towards a weight loss goal and a change in dietary habits. This will allow your child to gain confidence and build self-esteem, all while making friends and reaching weight loss goals.

At weight loss summer camps, your child will meet other children like themselves who want to make positive changes in their diet as well as in their lives.

Give your child a head start towards their weight loss goals by creating a healthy foundation of nutrition and physical fitness.

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