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Why Use Us?

Why Use Us?

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Choose the right children’s camp with help from Camp Specialists

Camp Specialists works with parents to make sure that children and young adults of all ages can find the summer camp that is best for them. Summer camps offer weeks of enjoyment, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Camp Specialists will help you choose the perfect children’s camp for your son or daughter, completely FREE! We work with the best camps in the Northeast, to help find a children’s camp that has programs that fit your child’s interests. Through discussion with you to learn about your child’s needs, and expert knowledge of the top children’s camps, Camp Specialists will help offer you many choices and place your child in the best camp available.

Start your search for the perfect children’s camp and contact Camp Specialists today at 1-800-443-6428 or fill out our summer camp inquiry form online. There is no obligation whatsoever and all summer camp referrals are FREE!